Democracy and a People’s Vote

Though I am a Remainer myself I fully understand why Leave voters find Remainers bleating on that the referendum was advisory and should therefore be ignored annoying.  I get fed up with it too.

But my dear Leave friends, my brothers and sisters consider this….were the referendum not advisory then the referendum result would have been thrown out due to leave breaking electoral law.  So much for your incessant cries of “Democracy”.  Not you personally but the Leave campaign has already shat all over democracy and it looks like it’s happening again.


Now to be fair this latest instance might be nothing to do with vote Leave as such.  After all Russia and Iran have both been shown to be interfering pro Brexit and want to destabilise the west and you might want to question your motives if you support foreign attempts to subvert the democratic process.


But let us ignore the breaking of electoral law and let us ignore foreign attempts to subvert and more let us even ignore Jacob Rees-Mogg’s, Nigel Farage’s and Arron Bank’s links to Russia and concentrate on the vote itself.

£350 million was promised to the NHS.  Although Leaver’s like to say knew this was a lie, top leaver Dominic Cummings says according to his research the issue of the NHS was decisiveThe British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing are unequivocal that Brexit will damage the NHS.

Prior to the referendum Leave was promoting a Norway option; in the single market but outside the customs union.   They mentioned it a lot.  Further immediately after the referendum polls were taken by the Adam Smith Institute and BMG which confirmed that not only did many Leave voters want to stay in the single market but that they were willing to accept freedom of movement in order to do so.  There is no mandate for chequers or any form of hard Brexit and there never was.

I heard a chap say that going for no deal would “unify the country”.  No one voted to have a minister for food (rationing), no one voted for the M26 to be turned into a lorry park and even the LeaveHQ say to have no deal would “be the end of Britain as a trading nation” and call it “the suicide option”.  The ultra right Brexiteers have drowned out the voices of the moderate majority.  This is not democracy, neither is breaking electoral law and outside interference.


The “People’s March” could have been called the “March for democracy” because democracy has been subverted and both Leavers and Remainers should be opposed to that.