Fighting the Remoaner Corner

Despite the fact that Labour’s success is in part due to tactical voting for Labour, it seems that Corbyn, Thornberry et al are going to conveniently ignore this as they pursue their “Jobs led Brexit”.  How they intend to achieve this while leaving the single market is another question (ho, ho, ho).

They claim that People voted for immigration controls and that therefore we must leave the single market.  If this was true they would have a point.

HOWEVER it is wrong on two points.


 Leave campaigned on a Norway type agreement and on staying in the Single Market.  By it’s very nature a Norway type agreement includes Freedom Of Movement 


Independent research shows that the majority of people are willing to accept Freedom of Movement if it allows access to the Single Market. (see also here).


That the referendum (a simple in /out choice) gave a mandate to stop Freedom of Movement and leave the single market is at best a misrepresentation but at worst a lie.  And the Tory’s and Labour should both know that.  So should everyone else.  The reason this lie has taken hold, even in the minds of some Remainers, is that the Leave dominated press has been repeating the same lie again, and again and again.  It is up to us to repeat the truth, again and again and again.  Leaving the single market will cost the UK and is NOT mandated.

Share this post, get the data out there.  It’s not just opinion, it’s FACT.

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