New Vision

New Vision

Consider your usual front bench MP –

  1. In Westminster, they shout out and shout down, they barrack, they point score.
  2. They find it impossible to admit other parties have good ideas (see Theresa May not acknowledging Ed Miliband’s energy proposals)*.
  3. They cannot admit they have made mistakes.
  4. They live in fear of the press and the public.
  5. Because the live in fear they are dishonest by intention (Boris Johnson) or by omission (no costings in the Tory manifesto).
  6. They fear the public are unready to hear the truth (Brexit negotiations will take longer than 18 months, getting immigrants down to the 10’s of thousands is both impossible and unwise).
  7. They oversimplify complex arguments and base arguments on populism not realism.  They are not always data driven.
  8. They fear dissent – Hence the whips and Theresa May’s trying to avoid parliamentary scrutiny in Brexit negotiations.


New Vision

New Vision MP’s believe –

  1. That working with other parties in the interests of the country is a good idea and that hearing the other point of view in a reasoned debate is better than a our current schoolboy battering over the dispatch box.  They welcome alternative viewpoints.
  2. That coalition is not a dirty word (see Germany’s economic success) and that people with good ideas should be publicly acknowledged and thanked – whatever their party.
  3. That decisions should be driven by data and this data explained to the public.  Not driven by populism, itself driven by newspaper magnates.
  4. That yes problems can be complex, but no they should not be simplified more than necessary when presenting them to the public, and the public educated into understanding what “Significance” actually means in statistics.
  5. That we should credit the public with greater intelligence and explain the decision and the data that lead to that decision.
  6. That questions asked by interviewers should be answered not dodged and mistakes acknowledged.
  7. In green energy – not just because it is good for the environment but also because of long term economic benefits from the technology.
  8. In UK science – not as a generator of ideas that are then monetised elsewhere, but as a generator of ideas that can be monetised here.


In the normal adult world, be it at work or at home, people look at the data, come together and discuss.  A consensus is reached.  There is not (one hopes) ignoring the data and making jibes at one another across the boardroom / kitchen table.  Shouldn’t we have this in parliament?

If you agree #newvision.


*Whether you agree Ed Miliband’s proposal is a good idea is moot.  The point is Theresa May does (because she adopted it) and then did not acknowledge Ed Miliband when she proposed it.