Tories and Labour Manifestos – Neither Factor In Brexit

Personally I believe the LEAVE vote to be illegitimate at worst and only advisory at best.  HOWEVER if you accept the Leave vote as (that popular, most used by despots, phrase) “the will of the people”.  These are the questions that I believe should be asked….and no one is.


  • Given that Vote Leave Director Dominic Cummings wrote in January 2017 in the Spectator that vote Leave would not have been successful without the NHS £350m lie1, and

  • given that influential Leave campaigners Nigel Farage, Daniel Hannan, Owen Patterson, Luke Johnson, Matthew Elliot and Arron Banks denied that Leave was threatening to leave the single market and regularly named Norway (with freedom of movement, paying into EU institutions and in the single market) as a successful model the UK could emulate2, and

  • given that a poll on June 16th for the Adam Smith Institute found 2 to 1 support for a Norway style option3 (with nearly half of leave voters wanting it considered also), also supported by BMG research for the independent4 and

  • given that the treasury’s own investigations predict a significant deleterious effect to the UK economy, particularly if we leave the single market 5, 6

why are you not pursuing a Norway style agreement and instead rushing head long into an extremely damaging, and in terms of immigration impossible to implement, hard Brexit?








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